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Around Bangalore - Scenic Splendours


(35 kms East of Bangalore)

A motor ride towards Magadi and you arrive at the water source of Bangalore. There are woods here for hiking and after a substantial picnic meal you can stretch out under a tree and relax.

The Thippagondanahalli Reservoir was built in 1933 under the guidance of Sir M. Visweswaraya. The reservoir stands at the confluence of the rivers Arakavathi and Kumudavathi. The reservoir is also known as Chamarajasagar.



(28 kms South-East of Bangalore)

This serene picnic spot has a sprawling 400-year-old Banyan Tree, which spreads over an area of 4 acres! It is called 'Dodda Alada Mara' in Kannada meaning Big Banyan Tree. The tree with its vertical root system is said to be the biggest tree in Karnataka.

The main trunk has given life to several roots and branches with lots of leaves. Branches jutting on all sides have slanted towards the ground. The rustic settings and an enchanting view of the nearby Savandurga hills makes this an ideal picnic spot. The Banyan Tree restaurant run by the Tourism department caters to the needs of visitors.

A familiar setting for many a romantic movie sequence.

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(26 kms North of Bangalore)

A tranquil spot overlooking a tank covering an area of 1,224 acres. Experience the thrill of windsurfing over here. The spot is also known for research and development farms for poultry, animal husbandry, agriculture and horticulture. The famous Indo Danish Dairy project in collaboration with the government of Denmark is situated here overlooking a lovely lake. An exclusive Yacht Club holds races and competitions every year.

The late Protima Gauri's Nrityagram (Dance Village) is close by.
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(98 kms South of Bangalore)

The Cauvery river squeezes through a deep and narrow gorge over which a goat could leap. That's how Mekedatu (pronounced Maykay Daatu) got its name. Just 3 km from this spot is Sangama, the confluence of Cauvery and Arakavathi where there is a temple dedicated to Sangameshwara.
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(53 kms South-East of Bangalore)

A sprawling 15 acre campus that has made folk culture its business! There is an art gallery, an open-air theatre, a studio and a museum on the premises to keep you occupied. It is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of folk culture.

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(45 kms South of Bangalore)

For those who wish to escape for a day to a quiet retreat, Muthyala Maduvu would be the ideal choice. Situated in the midst of hills, nestled deep down in a valley, this secluded place makes a fascinating picnic spot.

The attraction of this spot is the water falls, formed by thin jets of water spurting down from a height of 90 mts. These jets of water at the bottom give an impression of a pond of pearls - Muthyala Maduvu in Telugu. Overlooking these falls is a small shrine dedicated to Shiva, adding a religious touch to the place.

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