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Indias-Best, is a new age Media Company, which was founded in 1986 as “Deccan Yellow Pages Group”. Since 2000 we have become Indias-Best.Com (P) Ltd., a media company that caters to both “Offline & Online” media. ICICI Venture was our VC partner and Intel Asia collaborated with us as our technology partner.
Since its inception as a media company, we have many of India’s firsts to our credit:
First Yellow Pages
India’s first Yellow Pages for Bangalore-1986
First Multi Colour Yellow Pages
India’s first multi-color ‘Yellow Pages’ -1993
High Society
High Society- The magazine for the Bangalore’s elite -1993
Brand Busters Posters
The Brand Busters Posters – Media poster for the Corporate & IT world -1994
Yellow Pages on the Internet
The Yellow Pages on the Internet for Bangalore and Hyderabad -1996
Bang, Bang, Bangalore
An innovative poster showcasing over 200 characters of Bangalore at the junction of M.G and Brigade roads – 1997
The Encyclopedia
The Encyclopedia – a multimedia CD-ROM on Bangalore -1998
www.bangalorebest.com , the city’s first portal (South India’s First)which facilitated e-commerce through credit cards -1999
Portal websites for over 11 cities
Only company in India to have introduced portal websites for over 11 cities in India.
Mini multi-colour ‘Yellow Pages’
Mini multi-colour ‘Yellow Pages’ for the cities of Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad & Bangalore – 2001
‘Wine & Dine’
An innovative pocket guide for Bangalore Best ‘Wine & Dine’ – 2002
Compact Resource Directory
Multi-colour & compact resource directory for the cities of Bangalore, Chennai & Hyderabad – 2003
Software Technology Parks of India
An exclusive multi-colour directory showcasing all the IT / BPO / ITES business houses in Karnataka – 2004
Golf – The World’s Best Game
An unique & innovative poster on golf featuring Karnataka Golf Association (KGA) championship course – 2005
Media on a mouse pad
Introduced – ‘Media on a mouse pad’, which is again first of its kind -2006.


An Electronics Engineer from BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore (1982) and the promoter of Indias-Best.Com Pvt Ltd, Manjunath completed his MS in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University, USA in 1984. Thereafter, he worked for two years in the USA as a Computer Design Engineer.

On his return to Bangalore in 1986, he founded Deccan Yellow Pages (P) Ltd and was responsible for introducing Bangalore’s and India’s first yellow pages.

Having run the Company successfully from 1986, Manjunath is now a specialist in the Online and Offline media publishing, marketing and sales, public relations and operations.

In 1992, he founded an association of returned NRIs called The RNRI Association in Bangalore which boasts of over 300 professional members today.

Corporate Office: 

Indias-best.com Pvt. Ltd.
5/1, A2, II Floor, Richmond Road, Bangalore-560 025.
Ph: +91-80-4112 5555 / 5556 / 5557
Fax: +91-80-4112 5885
e-mail: marketing@indias-best.com

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