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Why advertise in Indias-Best ‘City-Best’ portals

Introduction :

Times have changed in the last decade after the dotcom burst…

The penetration of the internet in India has been doubling every second year and currently it is around 150 million. To be on the Internet, is no more a luxury for BEST business houses. Every good business needs to be reciprocated on the cyberspace.

Indias-Best -To showcase the “BEST” using New Age Brand Solutions

Using our 12 city BEST portals & innovative print media, we help showcase our clients businesses & drive traffic to their existing website & their brick & mortar presence.

IBDC has over 10,000 BEST advertisers from 1986. Who’s Who of India’s BEST business has advertised with us in the past.

Why should BEST businesses invest in the media services of Indias-Best ?

1. We are the pioneers in the field of Internet business (1996), and the first in Bangalore & South India, to provide credit card, e-commerce shopping. Major media including Deccan Herald and Times of India reported it in September, 1999.

Intel USA, showcased us among the WORLD’s BEST websites in their Pentium 3 launch brochure, which was distributed by them all over the world.

2.Indias-Best will showcase and promote our clients ‘web & brick’ presence thru our 12 City-BEST portals.


They are :12
1. www.bangalorebest.com
2. www.chennaibest.com
3. www.mumbaibest.com
4. www.hyderabadbest.com
5. www.newdelhibest.com
6. www.kolkatabest.com
7. www.cochinbest.com
8. www.coimbatorebest.com
9. www.jaipurbest.com
10. www.goabest.com
11. www.poonabest.com
12. www.ahmedabadbest.com

3. Using innovative city BEST newsletter we not only help drive traffic to our client’s website but help promote their business relationship with both existing and prospective customers.

4. Complimentary ad in the colorful City Best e-Business directorieswith web addresses. – Which is distributed free to all the BEST business houses in the city.

These directories are Compact, Colorful, Convenient and Content filled Yellow Pages. The actual pages are also available online, in book form, in all our 12 portals.

5.Complimentary brand logo on the popular ‘Brand Busters’ poster – Lifestyle, Realty & Silicon Valley (IT/BT) categories and is available in both print & digital form. All logos are hyperlinked to their respective websites. The poster is a caricature of the city done tastefully by professional artists.

Check out the below link for more on the Brand busters Silicon Valley Posters and why your brand logo should be present on this unique media poster :


Brand Busters Silicon & Lifestyle media poster:

Why people visit Indias-Best websites

1. All the 12 city Best portals of Indias-Best.com
websites are photo & content rich and loaded with
BEST information of that city – No crime or politics,
only feel good info of the city. 360 panoramas,
Walkthroughs, interactive learn local language, etc….

2.It also features the BEST of
city’s eat outs, Malls, Nightlife,
Movies, Theatre, Hotels,
sightseeing, Yellow pages,
Realty, etc.3.Articles, Interviews, Logo branding, banner ads, etc of our clients will be done in various section of the city BEST portals and is linked in all the 12 Indias-Best portals. This way we not only help drive the traffic to our clients website, but also advertise their products and services.4.Online shopping – e- Commerce:
from ‘Cakes to Cameras’ and delivery to over 1500 towns cities in India. We can help our client’s sell their products thru our payment gateway. Their products will be exhibited for e-shopping in all our 12 portals.5. Indias-Best web traffic statistics Currently (September – 2011)Bangalore is getting over about 100,000 unique visitors per month and Chennai about 86,000. At an average, all 12 portals of Indias-Best is getting about 500,000 unique visitors. We are confident that in months to come, we can achieve a minimum of 1 million unique visitors per month – from all over the world.6. Top Rankings in Google, Yahoo, Bing…. Our BEST portals are hitting the very first page of all leading search engines.7.ROI: With millions of eyeball exposure guaranteed to the BEST portals, the Return on Investment on Indias-Best will be in multiple times.

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If your Business is the best,then you need to be seen on India’s ‘Silicon Valley’ poster…

The Silicon Valley Brand Busters poster is a caricature of the I.T. City of Bengaluru, done tastefully by professional artists. This unique poster media functions as a Who’s Who in our city and crystallizes a sense of identity for your company’s name, logo and locations.Here are reasons why your company should participate in the next Silicon Valley Brand Busters media poster:-

    1. The D’facto Official Poster of India’s Silicon Valley since 1995, it’s printed on BEST of art paper and distributed all over the world.
    2. It functions as a Who’s Who to 10,00,000+ tech workers in Bangalore’s IT / ITES community and crystallizes a sense of identity for your company’s name, logo, URL and the location.
    3. A perfect promotional gift, recruiting tool and a wall decoration for all high tech offices.
    4. The digital version of the poster on our www.bangalorebest.com,the No.1 website on Bengaluru, attracts over 1 lakh unique visitors every month. This poster can be downloaded as a screen saver.
    5. Thousands of posters are printed every year in various sizes and each is seen hundreds of times.
    6. Proudly displayed in reception areas, executive cabins, work areas, colleges, trade shows & international offices.
    7. Seeing your corporate logo on the next Silicon Valley can make your present employees proud and also attracts the best of human resources. One good employee hired will offset your investment.
    8. It’s an ideal corporate gift not only to your best customers but also a HR gift to your employees.
    9. Poster extensively promoted on all our 12 BEST portals which attracts collective eyeballs of over 8 million.
    10. Prestigious: Your logo will be seen along with the best brands in the India’s Silicon Valley.

Added Benefits on our www.bangalorebest.com – the No.1 website of Bengaluru:

Bangalorebest.com, is the city’s first portal which facilitated e-commerce through credit cards in 1999. It’s a lifestyle magazine on the Internet with rich graphics and Interactive Maps. Since the word ‘BEST’ is associated with all our portals, Bangalore BEST appears in the top-10 results for most business categories on top search engines results. Our strong SEO helps drive traffic to your business.

When you participate on the “Silicon Valley” media poster, your company will be featured in various ways under the IT / ITES section of Bangalorebest.com including the downloadable high resolution version of the poster.

Appreciation from the BEST in the industry:

We have been pleased to visit Bangalore two times in the last year, and in addition, did visit the STPI booth at IT.COM.

We have just noticed a very nice poster (two in fact) which appears to be entitled: Bangalore Best Realty (Brand Busters) and more specifically, “Silicon Valley Brand Busters” which shows the various IT companies in Bangalore.

We would like to know if we can order the posters through your organization and have them sent to us in the United States. We will be happy to display such posters here in our office.

Very best regards,
Tom Logan,
Manager, Asia Business Development
Fairfax County Economic Development Authority

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