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A poster so attractive,it guarantees second look in any room in the world…

Here are 10 reasons why your company should participate in the next Silicon Valley Brand media poster:-

Silicon Valley poster

  1. It’s the D’facto Official Poster of India’s Silicon Valley. Printed on BEST of art paper and distributed all over the world.

  2. It functions as a Who's Who to 5,00,000 tech workers in the Bangalore’s IT community and crystallizes a sense of identity for your company's name, logo, URL and the location(s).

  3. It’s a perfect promotional gift, recruiting tool and a wall decoration for offices and work areas in the high tech industry of Bangalore.

  4. Tens & Thousands of copies are printed every year and each copy is seen hundreds of times throughout the year.

  5. Proudly displayed in reception areas, executive offices, work areas, colleges, trade shows & international offices.

  6. Make your employees proud - Seeing your corporate logo on the next Silicon Valley can make your present employees proud and also attracts the best of human resources. Attracting one good employee will offset your investment.

  7. The digital version of the poster on our, it is the number 1 website on Bengaluru with over 1 lakh unique visitors every month. This poster can be downloaded as a screen saver and the high res version can be downloaded/ printed on an A3 size paper.
  8. Silicon Valley poster
  9. It’s an ideal corporate gift not only to your best customers but to your present employees. A great HR gift.

  10. Extensive promotion for this poster on all our 12 BEST portals which has collective eyeballs of over 8 million per annum.

  11. Prestigious: Your logo will be seen with the best brands in the business.

Added Benefits on
and 11 other city BEST portals of

Silicon Valley poster
  1. A separate e-profile of your profile will be featured with an link to your website. In the IT & Bio technology section of, and will be showcased for 24 x 7 x 365 days under BEST IT – BT companies of Bangalore.

  2. Whenever there is any press release / statements or interview with your CEO, etc, we will feature the same under our popular section ‘Spotlite’ & articles.

  3. Your brand logo will be featured as a banner ad in the above section for a minimum of 90 days.

  4. Your brand logo on Bengaluru map bottom scroll bar - linked to your website – 90 days. (Refer below)

  5. Introduced – ‘Media on a mouse pad’, which was again first of its kind. - 2006

  6. Silicon Valley poster
  7. A complimentary logo with a link to your job postings from our Bangalore BEST IT & Corporate jobs section for a minimum of 90 days.

  8. The same will be repeated in our other 11 city BEST portals – whichever city your office is located.

Appreciation from the BEST in the industry:

Silicon Valley poster
We have been pleased to visit Bangalore two times in the last year, and in addition, did visit the STPI booth at IT.COM.
We have just noticed a very nice poster (two in fact) which appears to be entitled: Bangalore Best Realty (Brand Busters) and more specifically, "Silicon Valley Brand Busters" which shows the various IT companies in Bangalore.

Inquiry: We would like to know if you are the organization through which we could order such posters, and have them sent to us in the United States. We will be happy to display such posters here in our office.

Very best regards, Tom Logan, Manager, Asia Business Development Fairfax County Economic Development Authority 8300 Boone Boulevard, Suite 450, Vienna, VA 22182-2633

Why Participate in 'Silicon Valley' brand busters poster - Click to Download PDF document.