Air India’s Bengaluru-San Francisco flight could be world’s longest haul


If everything goes as per plan, national carrier Air India will soon be flying the world’s longest non-stop commercial route connecting Bengaluru with San Francisco covering a distance of about 14,000 km. Presently, the longest nonstop flight is run by Qantas Airline connecting Dallas and Sydney covering about 13,700 km.

The distance between Bengaluru-San Francisco could be covered in around 17.5 hours. At present most of the flight connecting the two destinations take around 20-22 hours as the flights as airlines fly via Hong Kong, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Frankfurt, London. According to the regular fliers, the journey gets very tiring and therefore there has been a strong demand for direct flight.

The development comes, in view of drop in the fuel prices as Air India which would be using its B-777 200 LR aircraft is meant to be fuel guzzler. Earlier, the carrier had to sell five of the eight aircraft to Etihad, as it remained mostly grounded keeping it in air was turning into a loosing proposition. ” Now with fuel prices nose diving, we can think of using it on ultra-long routes,” said an airline official.

The reason behind the possible route of Bengaluru to San Francisco is the huge passenger demand for it, as both being IT hubs of the world resulting in high passenger traffic. Bengaluru, which is among India’s fastest growing metropolis is the capital of Karnataka state and is known as the ‘ Silicon valley of India’. San Francisco on the other hand is among the most populated cities in US and is a home to some of the biggest IT related companies in the world, attracting lots of Indian techies.

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