Members of Ladies Circle India participate in the Freedom Drive signature campaign at Cubbon Park on Thursday morning. – Mohan Kumar B N/DNA

In a publicity event to spread the word about Round Table India and Ladies Circle India, a few members of the organisations flagged off a signature campaign at Cubbon Park on Thursday morning.

Five cars belonging to their members, painted in Indian tri-colours along with the organisation’s slogan, ‘Freedom through education’, were parked by the fountain in front of the Karnataka State Lawn Tennis Association building. Morning walkers and passersby were invited to sign on these cars and click pictures posing next to it.

Round Table India and Ladies Circle India are organisations for men and women respectively.

“Freedom through education is one of our long-term projects. Under this, we have so far built 1450 schools, there by educating 8,00,000 underprivileged children. This has been done at the cost of Rs 120 crore,” said Praveen Prabhakar, one of the convenors of this event.

But why the signature campaign on Independence Day? “Five cars with Indian flag colours painted on it is quite eye-catching. So people get curious and come to find out more. We then tell them about the organisation and what we do. This is a good way to get publicity,” explained another member.Attaining-freedom-through-education

“Our Freedom Drive signature campaign is in its third year. First year, we had just one car. Last year, we had three, and now we have five. About 8000 people wrote slogans and signed on them last year. Most people don’t usually get a chance to write, so this is a good opportunity for them,” explained Ranbir Sachdev, another convenor. These cars, he said, would be driving around Bangalore collecting signatures till five in the evening.

Earlier, they had celebrated the Independence Day at schools, built by the organisation, in Mundur and Whitefield.

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