Average Bengaluru family spends Rs.5,550/- eating out


If you are someone who spends a lot on eating out, then you aren’t alone. As per the latest study of the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI), released on Wednesday, an average Bengaluru family spends Rs 5,500 to Rs 5,750 eating out every month. Also, such households dine at least 7-8 times a month.

According to the India Food Services Report 2016, Bengaluru is the fourth-largest food services market after Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. The overall food services market is estimated at Rs 11,740 crore in 2016. “The employment generated by food services in the city is around 2.1 lakh (both organized and unorganized sectors),” said Riyaaz Amlani, president, NRAI.

Compared to Delhi and Mumbai, Bengaluru has a larger organized standalone eateries sector. In Delhi and Mumbai, the bigger share is hogged by the unorganized food sector like street food, which accounts for 56.7% and 54.6% of the business, respectively. In Bengaluru, the unorganized sector contributes only 32.9%. At 55%, casual diners give the organized standalone restaurants in the city most of their business, followed by pubs, clubs, cafes and lounges (19%).

Even while eating out, 25% Bengalureans opt for South Indian food. People also at times go for Chinese food (18%) and North Indian delicacies (19%). More than the regional flavours (7%), Bengalureans seem to prefer Continental food (8%). American, Italian and Pizza form 5%, 4% and 3% of the pie, respectively.

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