Bengalureans love wine to whisky – its sophisticated!

WHISKY NO LONGER HOT.   Bengaluru wine consumption up 20-25% a year compared to 15% growth in other cities.
Wine has become the `it’ drink of the city’s youngsters. The 20-somethings are fancying what is being termed the lifestyle beverage of the year.The trend is there for all to see at the city’s nightspots.“This trend has caught on in the past six to eight months. Many youngsters are moving from whisky to wine for its health benefits. Besides girls, we find young boys aged between 22 and 25 taking to a glass of red wine. These youngsters show immense interest in acquiring knowledge about wines and keep questioning our bartenders,“ said Kumar Manish.A year ago, hard spirit whisky was the top beverage for city’s youngsters. However, elegance and health are the mantras now. And wine fits the bill. Avid wine drinker and young entrepreneur Ritika Sadhwani says, “If you are a social drinker, wine makes a light and sophisticated beverage. wine-drinkers1People are aware of the myriad varieties of wines ­ merlot, chardonnay , pinot noir, chenin blanc to sparkling. Besides red, white and rosè, you can choose from fresh to vintage, sweet to dry and light to full-bodied. You can savour wine any time ­ lunch, dinner or a get-together. Wine cocktails like sangria too make a great beverage.“

Another wine enthusiast is luxury consultant and model Vibhinta Verma who says, “Red wine goes great with Indian food. I wake up fresh the next morning. Guys are taking to wine now. At a restaurant recently, I saw a glass of wine on every table.“

Wine was once relished by a few. However, with the number of Indian wine-makers entering the market and Karnataka promoting it actively, the snob value of wine has dropped.wine-vs-beer-infographic

“Wine consumption in Bengaluru increased by 20 25% annually .Other Indian cities showed just a 15% annual increase. This has happened especially so in the past five years, thanks to changing lifestyles and the IT population which travels overseas immensely,“ said Alok Chandra, a city-based wine consultant. Aslam Gafoor, president, Bangalore Wine Club, says, “International travel, lifestyle television channels, fine F&B, vineyard tours and evolution of wine accessibility in Bengaluru has made the youth here dis cerning. Moreover, they look for premium exclusive experiences which only wine brings to the table.“

Certified wine connoisseur Ruma Singh calls it an organic growth and observes, “Wine has been demystified. There is no stigma attached to it. Most chic restaurants offer a wine list. You can have wine by the glass. Unlike other Indian cities, Bengaluru’s hyper mar kets sell wines. We find many youngsters, in their late 20s, doing certificate courses on wine just to gain knowledge.

Bengaluru is where it is where it is all at.“

She finds that city’s youngsters are approaching proaching wine the right way .Wine has far less in put of alcohol. Where vodka comprises 40%, wine has 11-13% alcohol content,“ she pointed out.

Source: ET, 2015

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