Bengaluru is India’s most preferred city for professionals to work: LinkedIn


Bengaluru, India’s technology hub is witnessing a larger inflow of qualified than is losing talent to other cities in the country, according to social network firm that compiled data based on changes users made on their profiles on its platform.

Nearly a third of its 2.3 million users in the of the country were working in the technology sector, while financial services, manufacturing and engineering, and hospitals and health care were also big employers of LinkedIn users in the city.

“Just in Bangalore we see about 1,00,000 recruiters active and across all cities actually has the highest number of searches – 16 million in the last one year. This has led to around 1,11,000 hires that Linkedin influenced in Bangalore,” said Akshay Kothari, head of LinkedIn in India.

The biggest inflow of professionals into Bengaluru came from Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Pune, cities which have a presence in technology, financial services and engineering.

While the largest recruiters on the platform continued to be large IT services companies, e-commerce giant Flipkart made it to the list for top ten recruiters in the country.

With Bengaluru becoming a preferred destination for professionals, the city’s infrastructure has come under tremendous strain. Bengaluru, with a population of 10 million has over six million vehicles on roads, according to March 2016 data by the Karnataka transport department.

“Across all Indian cities we’ve seen that there are more people coming to Bengaluru than leaving Bengaluru. If you compare to Chennai for instance, 0.7% of members left Bengaluru but 1.3% of the people moved to Bengaluru,” said Kothari.

LinkedIn has moved to a larger campus, which can house 800 people as the firm expands its presence in the city.

“We also see some outflows to the US, Singapore and Dubai, but specifically for India, there’s more inflows into Bangalore than the people leaving Bangalore,” said Kothari.


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