Bengaluru women are increasingly high-priority consumers of alcoholic beverages at pubs


Gone are the days when vodka was a girl’s best friend Women in the city haven’t just emerged as high-priority consumers of alcoholic beverages at pubs and night clubs, they are also making a statement with their liquors of choice. And watering holes are busy upping their game to indulge them.

“In five years, vodka consumption by women at I-Bar has reduced from 80% to 25%. The pie is now shared by a myriad of alcoholic beverag es–whisky, wine and beer,“ said Kumar Manish, general manager at The Park in Bengaluru.

“Women are decision-makers to day . They choose the joint to have a drink at. They want to make a style statement. They prefer to hold a glass of whisky-sparkling water over whisky-soda.“

Women in Bengaluru are increasingly more participative in their drinking and leisure choices, and this stems from their rising financial independence, says Shashank Shekhar Sharma, food and beverage manager at The Oberoi. “Seven years ago, we saw only the likes of Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Vinita Bali and Rohini Nilekani come for a glass of fine wine. Children of illustrious families frequented. Today, we see women who have migrated into Bengaluru with high disposable incomes patronising our bars,“ said Sharma. “The rise of taxi apps like Uber and Ola,CITY_PUBS_2569428g which assure women a ride back home, has also benefited us.“ On women’s choice of beverage, Sharma said, “Five years ago, it
was an era of cocktails like cosmopolitan, mojito, `sweet’ wine, fruit punch and pre-mixed bottled beverages. Today, the trending daytime and weekend drink is rosé.Consuming it with a straw in pint bottles is popular. Niche category drink single malts. Birchwood water and maplewood water will soon be the new hit mixers.“

Elegance is fundamental to this choice. Nobody drinks to get drunk anymore. In fact, for women, the glass must narrate their story.“Stylish and conscious drinking is a hit with women now,“ said fashion choreographer Sheetal Sharma.“Presentation and experience are key . Thus, red wine and conscious add-ons are popular. Vodka-tonic water has replaced the calorie-high vodkacola combination. Colourful flavoured ice cubes make a drink pretty. Today, we like to see the effort in our beverage.“

Source : ET, March, 2016

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