Bengaluru’s new anthem Video which celebrates a techie life


‘You can call me Guru,’ says singer Rinosh George in a four-and-a-half minute musical tribute to the city.

Bengaluru has lovely weather, terrible traffic jams and a gazillion software engineers who work late hours all week and party hard on other nights. That’s a gist of musician Rinosh George’s new tribute to the city called, somewhat prosaically,This is Bengaluru.

George began his musical career in 2009 as a DJ. Two years later he writing, composing and performing his own songs and has a music album called Believe to his credit. The foot-tapping Bengaluru song says exactly what you expect anyone to say of Bengaluru, including the reference to its biggest business tycoon Vijay Mallya.

Here’s the video of the latest anthem to the “uuru”, complete with shots of the Vidhana Soudha and the Lalbagh glass house.


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