Bow, Wow. Bengaluru Man Pays Rs. 2 Crore For Korean Mastiff Pups


It’s a dog’s world alright! While Bengaluru’s heat is taking its toll on most,  two Korean Mastiff pups are not only cocooned in air-conditioned comfort in a city bungalow, but are also fed the choicest of food that costs so much it could equal the food bill of an entire family for a month.

And to top it all, the pups cost city breeder, Satish S, a cool Rs 2 crore, but the passionate dog lover is convinced it is money well spent. “I have been searching for Korean Mastiff puppies for 20  years and had almost given up hope,” he says, adding, “I contacted my friends and dog dealers across the world, in Europe, South Africa and America, but no one could help me to find this breed.”satish-cadabom-with-a-korean-dosa-mastiff-puppy-which-he-recently-purchased-for-rs-1-crore-in-china-14592479930937

But then his luck changed when he recently contacted a Chinese dealer for a Tibetan Mastiff  and was told he had a pair of  Korean Mastiff pups as well.  “I told him I was  willing to buy both for whatever price he quoted,” reveals an ecstatic Sanjay, who paid Rs 2 crore to bring the pups home to Bengaluru from China.

Unwilling to even here a “woof” against his decision, he is proud to be the first breeder in the country to own the rare breed. No normal dog food will do for these high maintenance puppies, he reveals.

“We have ordered food from Royal Canin, which gives premium quality dog food for Rs 7000 a pack and also feed the pups 250 grams of boneless chicken.” And no ordinary kennel will do for them either.

The pups have spent their first four days in the city in a huge airconditioned room, which they have all to themselves.”They are  the purest of  breeds and need utmost care,” Mr Satish explains.

But already his one crore investment is threatening to get away as one the nine- week old pups, a  male,  is sick. “The girl is healthy , but  we might send the other pup back in a few days. Both  pups needs to acclimatise to the city,” the breeder adds.

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