Cafés in Koramangala and Indiranagar are the office space choice of Wannabe Startup Kids

NOT JUST A HANGOUT Coffee houses offer cheap but comfortable options for a workspace to young entrepreneurs.
With startup fever gripping the city , young entrepreneurs are looking at cheap but comfortable options for a workspace. And coffee shops have become crèches for startups in India’s IT capital.Open air seating, no loud music or distractions and, importantly , affordable cafés in Koramangala and Indiranagar are their choice for creative work. For Anirban Majumdar, co-founder, Urban Piper, cafés are the natural choice when you have no formal office to work in. “Rented houses and PGs are often too small and restricting. Cafes are proxy offices although not long-term options. I used to work from the Ants’ Café in Indiranagar frequently when I began my startup.“DYU Art Café in Koramangala is another hotspot for aspiring entrepreneurs. Rezvin Nazar, partner at the café, told ET that regulars visit the café in groups of three or four and stay from morning to afternoon on weekdays. “We clear an area for them since it is not very crowded during weekdays and they stay for hours almost daily . This has been going for the past two-three months,“ he said.Dyu-cafeIn the initial stages when the team is being built, there is no need for office space, especially for tech startups. “We needed funding before finding an office space. Till then, we used to meet at and work from cafés,“ said Aditya Bandi, co-founder of Bookpad. Aditya was a regular visitor at Chaipatty in Indiranagar.

Unexpected advantages have come their way for many startup founders at these cafés. Karthik Vaidyanathan, co-founder of Momoe, told ET: “Most of our ideation started at the Coffee on Canvas café in Koramangala. We got feedback from customers at the cafe before launching our app. We got to know their different interests and incentivised our services after some of them asked us about monetary benefits from the app.“

Getting instant responses is a major advantage for startups. Cofounders of 99atom, Harsha MV and Prithvi Gowda, who spent weeks developing their app at the Starbucks outlet in Sadashivanagar, walked up to other customers and got them to try the app for feedback.

Harsha said: “ Actually, a Cisco employee whom we met at Starbucks liked our app and sent a mail about it to his colleagues on his intranet.Over 2,000 people downloaded it in a week. It’s worth the one coffee you order for a day.“

Source : ET, Aug, 15

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