Food gets an innovative makeover in Bengaluru


Among the most cosmopolitan cities in India, Bengaluru is a melting pot of culture. The IT city has its share of food lovers, who don’t shy away from experimenting with what’s on their plate. Gone are the days when you had to either go out to a restaurant or order-in food to indulge the gourmand in you. You can now whip up your own gourmet dish at home, celebrate a special occasion by cooking with your loved ones or even get pastry delivered to you all the way from Kolkata at the click of a mouse.

Original taste: Crave a Dundee Cake from Flurry’s, Kolkata, or a Dharwad Peda from the man who started it all in Dharwad? All you have to do is place an slurporder online or over the phone and get the products delivered at your doorstep in a matter of days. Place of Origin sources authentic food products from the places that they are native to. Each delivery takes around 2-3 days and they say that their services are for people who value fresh and authentic food.

Celebrations with a twist: What if you could cut more than just a cake on your birthday or anniversary? Cooking studios like Something’s Cooking and Slurp Studio give city folk a chance to add more spice to their celebrations by offering interactive cooking classes and even cook-offs. The two venues have seen several people opting to celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries, reunions and bachelorettes there; they even host corporate bonding activities. The whole idea of community cooking, making ‘fancy’ dishes and finally, sitting down with friends and family and enjoying what you have cooked has got many Bengalureans hooked.

Be the master chef: Gourmet food is no longer the forte of chefs in star hotels. Chefkraft gives you the chance to recreate what you eat in restaurants, by mealboatbreaking down and simplifying each dish. They curate gourmet recipes, give detailed instructions, and ship it with prepped and portioned ingredients. For example, if a dish requires 80 gms of rocket lettuce, then what you get in their box is 80 gms of the vegetable after the stems have been cut off. So, all one has to do is follow the recipe that comes with the box and a gourmet dish is ready in around 30 minutes. One can choose from Mexican, American, Italian, Middle Eastern, African and pan-Asian cuisines.

Choose your chef: Fancy home-cooked food, but just don’t want to whip it up yourself? Well, you can now order fusion food from a home cook in Richmond Town or gluten-free baked goods from one on Old Airport Road. Mealboat.com lets users choose their home chefs and food based on location, cuisine or price. The site has a range of food options such as Hyderabadi, Goan, Italian, Bengali, North Indian and Continental, among others, that one can choose from. What’s more, you can even see and learn a little about your home chef as you pick items from their special menu.

By invitation only: Something unique has been taking place behind closed doors in the homes of a section of Bengalureans. Celeb chefs cook for a select few,oota walks who can only attend if they are invited to these culinary evenings. The chefs are rarely flown in just for the occasion and many source local talent for such evenings. But, hosts of the events do manage to invite celeb chefs who are visiting the city, giving many a chance to sample food that they may otherwise not be privy to.

Walking never tasted this good: Another fad that has caught the fancy of foodies are food walks such as The Oota Walks, Bangalore Eats—The Food Walk and Bangalore Magic. These walks help outsiders and Bengalureans discover the city in a new light — through its food. Some of these walks are even held late in the night and are a good way to sample the cultural, political and culinary history of the city we call home.

Source : the TOI

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