German wind turbine maker Senvion opens R&D centre in Bengaluru


Bangalore centre, a part of its global research centre located in Osterronfeld (Germany), will focus on developing and optimising wind turbines.

The German manufacturer Senvion, formerly Systems, has opened a research and development (R&D) centre in Bangalore to further internationalise its engineering expertise. The team in India will be part of the established product development team located at the TechCenter in Osterronfeld, Germany. Both teams will focus on developing and optimising wind turbines internally and in collaboration with external partners. In order to continue its international growth path, will further strengthen the company’s existing expertise and create a best practice global R&D function.
Andreas Nauen, CEO at Senvion, said, “We are confident that in the Bangalore region, we will find the right colleagues with the technical or mechanical knowledge to take up the challenge and drive the development of state-of-the-art wind turbines.”

Senvion, which has been growing profitably over the past few years, aims to increase its onshore and offshore market share in all target markets by 2018.

Bernhard Telgmann, executive vice president product & technology at Senvion, added, “An integrated and engaged R&D team is at the core of success for Senvion. We look for employees who want to make a difference at our firm. In a few years, our employees will able to see their work powering thousands of houses. That’s the spirit at Senvion – because the future belongs to wind energy.”

From the R&D Centre in Osterronfeld, Senvion has developed high quality onshore and offshore turbines, ranging from 2 to 6.15 megawatts and rotor diameters of 83 to 152 metres to best serve all its varied markets. To date, Senvion has built over 6,000 wind turbines in 26 countries around the world.

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