ORRCA officials say installation work will be completed in June; move to help reduce jams

After a long wait, the skywalk in the accident-prone zone near RMZ Ecospace in Bellandur is in the process of being built though the installation work has led to slower traffic movement on the Outer Ring Road (ORR). The Outer Ring Road Corporates Association (ORCCA) had set a deadline June 15 to install the skywalk on the ORR. Pedestrians said they took up to 10 minutes to cross this road, and there were many accidents which took place due to the speeding vehicles on the ORR stretch.

BDA had floated tenders on a PPP (Public Private Partnership) model to build the footbridges and these have been constructed by the ORRCA. Speaking to Bangalore Mirror, ORRCA president, captain GA Poornaprajna said,” The work began started long back but the actual installation work of the skywalk started on Saturday, and it is likely to be completed in June. After this, there may not be any more traffic bottlenecks for commuters on ORR.” He said many techies had earlier demanded installation of the skywalk in order to cross the road. It was the kind of danger that techies working in the offices in the area faced every day.

He said these skywalks were likely to help many pedestrians cross the road safely. Traffic gets piled up as hundreds of vehicles exit the tech park, and these include cabs for the staff. Gowri Dath, a tech company employee for over two years, said, “During breaks, many of my colleagues exit the campus to visit the many food joints located on the other side of the road, but crossing the road becomes really difficult. We earlier signed a petition to install skywalks on the ORR but the BDA had not taken up the issue seriously from several months. Finally, we were happy to see the skywalk being installed before any untoward incident took place.” Often, pedestrians were stranded in the middle of the road, neither able to proceed nor turn back. Another techie, Ravi Kumar Reddy, said, “To cross the road, we usually have to be in groups. If we have a footbridge here, pedestrians can freely cross the road and traffic jams will reduce. Crossing after dark is even harder thanks to the lack of proper street lighting, and this gets worse when it rains. We risk our lives crossing the road to catch a bus. There should be some respect for pedestrians.

Source: BangaloreMirror



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