HEALTHY SNACKS ARE BACK – Tiffin Returns to Evening Menus


The humble `tiffin’ is back, glorified in the evening menus of premium restaurants. The simple tea, coffee and idli has made way for eclectic selections of gourmet and health foods as well as comfort street savories.

For Aditi Belani, a marketer of luxury products, the new additions to the 4pm-to-6pm menu are a muchneeded welcome break. “Office canteens mostly serve instant noodles, biscuits and coffee. The 4pm-6pm menus at restaurants offer healthier options like sandwiches and juices,“ said Belani.

Another foodie is Oum Pradutt.“My team of 62 daily orders from the 4-6pm menu on FreshMenu.com, comprising sandwiches, desserts and salads,“ said the managing director of event management company Phase 1 Experiences.

Nutritionist Anupama Menon said: “Tea leads to acidity and coffee increases stress levels if taken at 4pm. A cup of green tea with a small bite of a sandwich or salad is better.“

Several premium restaurants have created specific menus for weekday evenings–Ente Keralam serves tea and Kerala-style daalvada; Dishoom offers Mumbai street food; and Rasovara at UB City serves north Indian comfort cuisine such as vada pav , dahi vada and kachori chaat. “Popular items are dal baati churma, tokri dahi chaat, pav bhaji, dabeli, pani puri and chole bhature,“ said Aji Nair, chief operating officer of the food and beverage division at Mirah Hospitality , which owns Rasovara.

For restaurants, the gaining trend is a big positive, said Amit Roy , partner at hospitality consultancy Thinktanc. “This format helps increase business and add efficiency to manpower,“ said Roy.

Source : ET

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