Why choose Vitrified Tiles over Marble & Granites?


Flooring plays a vital role nowadays in interiors and home décor. Choosing the right flooring sets the tone of the room, enhancing it to a great degree. Therefore it is important that one gives a great deal of attention to the type of flooring that is used in terms of look as well as convenience.

Marble, granite and natural stone tiles are undoubtedly very beautiful but their maintenance requires a great deal of effort. Vitrified tiles on the other hand replicates the beauty of the natural original stone tiles as well as incorporating greater durability, such that it requires very low effort to keep it sparking year long.

Vitrified tiles also possess better mechanical strength, scratch resistance, resistance to acids, alkalies and chemicals, resistance to staining etc. than marble or natural granite. Marble is also known to have a relatively lower abrasion resistance compared to vitrified tiles. It is calcium carbonate which gets strongly attached to Hydrochloric acid, commonly used in toilet & floor cleaning. It yellows over extended time duration whereas vitrified tiles retain their colour for decades.

Polished natural granite shows several surface defects and a good quality is just a matter of chance whereas vitrified tiles are guaranteed for consistent good quality. Marble laying is very cumbersome and time consuming whereas vitrified tiles may be laid in a matter of hours and put to use after 48 hours. These tiles can be laid even on the existing old flooring.

Marbles and Granite absorb Water Quickly leading to the formation of Fungus, Hence these types of materials are not suggested to be used in places like Residences Hospitals and Schools.

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